We pride ourselves on being able to provide quick and accurate ratings at an affordable price and can provide the following consultancy services:

-          Development and specification of energy efficient alternative ventilation, cooling and heating systems;

-          Energy and greenhouse gas emission; NABERS Energy Star rating advice and assessments, NABERS and Green Star assessments;

-          NatHERS, Basix, First Rate and BERS assessments for residential developments

-          Commercial Building Disclosure BEEC’s;

-          STEPS and STORM assessments;

-          Evaluation and design of solar hot water, integrated photovoltaic and co-generation alternative energy sources;

-          Existing green building and energy auditing;

-          Building Code of Australia Section J assessments including JV3 modelling;

-          Development of detailed Environmentally Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency reports for development and planning procedures;

-          Masterplanning and development of design briefs;

-          ESD strategic planning advice, policy development and design guideline preparation;

-          Site, building form and orientation modelling to optimise natural light and solar access

-          Daylight and energy efficient lighting analysis and design and indoor glare assessments;

-          Thermal modelling, building energy simulation and system optimisation;

-          Glass comparisons, building facade and solar shading optimisation;

-          Comfort assessment and indoor environmental quality studies;

-          Evaluation and design of natural ventilation and building thermal performance;

-          Improved waste and water management, addressing the full water cycle, collection and re-use opportunities.

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