What is a BEEC?

Australian commercial office buildings are now obliged by law to obtain a BEEC when either selling or leasing an area over 2000m2. Advertising of the building must include the energy rating obtained in the BEEC as required under the Energy Efficiency Disclosure Bill 2010.

The aim of the BEEC is to allow potential tenants or purchasers of an office space to clearly see the energy efficiency of the space benchmarked against other similar buildings.

There are three components required to achieve a BEEC:

  • A NABERS Energy Base Building or Whole Building assessment
  • A lighting assessment providing information on the energy efficiency of the tenanted area lighting.
  • Guidance materials on the potential energy efficiency improvement opportunities available to the new owner or tenant.

When a NABERS rating is achieved on a building, the star rating is registered on the "Building Energy Efficiency Register" and published on the Commercial Building Disclosure website.

The governing bodies of the Mandatory Disclosure process are the Office of Environment and Heritage (NABERS Component) and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (BEEC Component).

What is a NABERS?



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