Green Star Rating Tool

Green Building Council of Australia, Green Star Rating Tools

The Green Star rating tools have been developed by the Green Building Council of Australia to separately evaluate the environmental design of Australian buildings based on a number of criteria including energy, water, quality of indoor environments, emissions, resource conservation and innovation.

The rating systems take a holistic view in assessing the ecological footprint of a development and benchmarking it against Australian and World best practice.

Green Star–Office Design certification identifies projects that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by designing a building which has the potential to achieve its highest environmental performance. Green Star – Office As Built certification validates the construction and procurement along with environmental and design initiatives that have been actioned by the builder.

Green Star – Performance certification assesses the operational performance of buildings, allowing owners and managers to identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions about how to generate greater efficiencies and reduce environmental impact of their assets.

Benefits of Green Building Council Certification:

  1. Gaining recognition as a leader in the green building industry;
  2. Enabling the promotion of the building to prospective tenants and local residents as environmentally friendly;
  3. Validating the achievement of a green design through third party assessment.


  1. To be eligible for Green Star–Office Design or Green Star-Office As Built Certification the project must:
  2. Achieve a minimum of 45 credit points; Achieve a minimum predicted rating of 4 stars using the NABERS for base building design;
  3. And not be built on land of high ecological/social value, which is defined as prime agricultural land, old growth forest or land which is 100m from a wetland or land which prior to acquisition was public parkland. This precondition does not apply if the building is being refurbished.

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