NABERS Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment

The NABERS (National Australian Built Environmental Ratings System) scheme allows building owners, managers and tenants to understand their Greenhouse Emissions, Water Use, Waste to Landfill and Indoor Environment Quality of their commercial office buildings or hotels.

To promote the greenhouse performance of a building to clients, staff, tenants and stakeholders using the NABERS logo the building must receive an accredited rating through OEH. Accredited ratings can only be undertaken by an Accredited Assessor to the National Australian Built Environmental Rating System. An accredited rating involves applying a strict Validation Protocol to the actual building data, to ensure that offices and hotels around the country are rated consistently and fairly.

This government and industry backed program aims to stimulate market recognition and demand for offices with improved resource efficiency. The scheme uses a simple benchmark to compare the actual performance of whole buildings, base buildings or tenancies. Once buildings have been rated, prospective tenants can select buildings based on their resource efficiency. The scheme's trade mark allows owners, managers and tenants to promote their premise's environmental performance.

The NABERS scheme rates buildings from one to six stars with six stars representing exceptional environmental performance. Current market best practice in Australia is three stars.

Key features of NABERS Energy:

  1. The NABERS scheme is specific to commercial office buildings and hotels, with expansion into other buildings in the near future
  2. The scheme is voluntary - a rating can be initiated by a building owner, manager or tenant;
  3. The scheme rates a building according to its actual performance, using energy, water, waste and indoor pollutant data;
  4. It can be used to rate the base building (central services), whole building or individual tenancies;
  5. It allows developers and owners to "badge" the environmental performance of their new office development from the outset on the condition that the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) will rate its actual operational performance once the building is complete and advise the tenants of the buildings performance.

NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement

Through a Commitment Agreement, the NABERS scheme allows developers and building owners to promote and market excellent greenhouse performance of new office buildings from the outset. The Commitment Agreement will state a commitment to design, build and commission the premises to a 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 or 6 star level.

Benefits of undertaking a NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement:

  1. Provides market and public recognition thus yielding a competitive advantage for low greenhouse emitters and energy efficient buildings;
  2. Encourages best practice in the design, operation and maintenance of commercial office buildings to minimise greenhouse emissions

The Commitment Agreement covers the design, construction and commissioning phases of the project as well as a 12 month operational period that allows operational data to be collected to prove performance.

Prospective tenants of the commercial office spaces can be attracted through the use of endorsed advertising in quality publications.

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