Resource Efficiency Opportunities

Resource Efficiency Opportunities – Energy, Water and Waste

BEAC can provide a comprehensive assessment and report on how buildings resource efficiency can be improved. These can be as broad or comprehensive as the client wishes and can involve conducting level 1, 2 or 3 efficiency audits to Australian Standard AS3598. Energy, water and waste savings, indicative costs of opportunity implementation, cost saving and payback periods can all be produced and provided to the client.

Key benefits:

  1. Cost Saving
  2. Reduced greenhouse emissions
  3. Reduced water use
  4. Increase the ability to achieve the desired NABERS or Green Star Rating.
  5. Energy modelling of buildings

BEAC offers comprehensive modelling of a large variety of buildings including thermal modelling, building energy simulation and system optimisation. Glass comparisons, building facade and solar shading optimisation are also available.

Peak energy demand reduction from energy suppliers.

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